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The Process


Hello! Flora & Finch finds the creative, smart, and passionate irresistible. We love beautiful high-quality items that can be used in the daily lives of our customers. We want to build a long-lasting business relationship with you showcasing our love for beautifully made goods by Virginia makers.  If you believe your slow made Virginia products and Flora & Finch would be a match made in heaven, let’s connect! 


We said, “Yes”! We’re tied at the hip and now it’s time to select items from your collection to sell on our eStore. We obsess over the details. Flora & Finch will go the extra mile to ensure your products are marketed, packaged, and shipped professionally and in good taste. We can’t wait to share our relationship with the world. 


Some may say it’s bragging, but we call it “Show, Tell, & Sell”! We’ll share your story and your products across numerous multi-media platforms. We believe customers will fall in love with us over and over again. Our story will become their story in their homes, with their friends, and treasured by their families for many years to come.