Meet Britt Hayes

Short Pump, Virginia

Home is where the heart is for Britt Hayes of Cricket Cove Soap Co. Born in Syracuse, NY, Britt followed her heart to start her own company making natural, handmade coconut milk soap, beer soap, and scrubs from her home workshop in Short Pump, Virginia. She has always had an obsession with bath products especially soap. Before starting her business, Britt spent years representing artists as a co-owner of Art’s Sake Gallery in Henrico, Virginia. Cricket Cove Soap Co. allows her to combine her love for creating, self-care, and entrepreneurship.

When looking for inspiration, Britt seeks the purity of nature. She has learned how to pay attention to nature and the needs of the environment to gain inspiration for her line of beauty products. She likes using many different natural exfoliants like lavender buds, oatmeal, poppy seeds, and salts to name a few. The natural benefits of these ingredients accentuate her soaps’ unique, rustic charm. Britt also sources the finest oils and butter, which provides nourishment to dehydrated skin.

Britt’s inspiration goes beyond nature. She is continuously inspired by other artisans worldwide. “People with a passion and who follow through with making their passion their reality inspires me!”, said Britt. “I extend that inspiration and passion to my children by teaching them my craft and business.” For her, nourishing one’s body, family, and soul should be a daily focus. It’s the quiet moments with a cup of coffee with her husband for 23 years, Larry, and two children, Madelyn (16) and Ethan (20), that completes her joy circle and brings everything back home to her heart. 

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