Meet Amy Huml


Every day is a special day for jewelry maker Amy Huml of Zion Crossroads, Virginia. Born in southeastern Virginia, Amy’s handmade jewelry is inspired by everyday people and their stories of triumph, success, and perseverance. Crafting her jewelry from her home studio at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her feline co-worker provides the natural surroundings informing her designs. Amy uses an array of natural and semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, mixed metals and leather that are transformed into statement pieces. 

Amy started her jewelry business, Tempest and Spark, with a basic skills class more than ten years ago and was instantly hooked. She crafts her jewelry using various techniques including hammering, wire wrapping and soldering while incorporating her stones. Amy never gets tired of seeing how her jewelry connects people to special occasions or sparks a joyful moment.

When she’s not creating, Amy works with children living with mental health disorders. Her work beyond her jewelry making helps her appreciate the benefits of self-care and quality time with family and friends. Amy also can’t resist the outdoor beauty that surrounds her and exploring new areas of Virginia. She doesn’t have to look no further than her jewelry making and Virginia’s mountains and oceanfront or traveling to Emerald Isle, North Carolina to find joy.