Meet Claire Berry

Richmond, Virginia

Claire Berry is her mother’s daughter. While growing up in Haymarket, Virginia, Claire admired her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit as she took orders over the phone for her custom, handmade Christmas ornaments and selling at local craft shows. Like most creatives, Berry’s mother would always have a project in the works and remained unapologetic for the ones never progressing to being complete. It’s those childhood memories that charted Claire’s path to study Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. Upon graduation, Claire succumbed to the artsy community and now calls Richmond, Virginia home.

The plan beyond graduating from college was not to be a jewelry maker. “I feel like I stumbled into jewelry making”, explained Berry. “I remember seeing some wooden beads and wanting to paint them some really fun colors.” Before taking the leap and starting Clarissa B. Design Co., Claire spent five years behind the computer designing interiors for the healthcare industry. She found herself often wishing she was the one constructing her own designs out in the field. In 2013, she made her first Clarissa B. hand painted bead necklace when it was still a hobby. Today, Claire gets lost in the calm of creating and manipulating her jewelry from her studio at Plant Zero in the Manchester District of the City of Richmond. There you will find an expansive variety of necklace styles, DIY necklace kits, earrings and even concrete pieces. With her favorite needle nose pliers in hand, she cheerful makes her versatile jewelry imagining the joy her customers will have wearing a Clarissa B. piece. 

When she’s not creating, Claire recharges her creativity by knitting during the fall and winter months. She also enjoys being outside, the beach life, exploring new trails, and getting good exercise. Her life’s journey isn’t the only thrill ride she’s taken thus far. Claire recently picked up some more inspiration on a road trip of her life across our great country. We look forward to reliving her various trips through more vibrant colors, classic neutrals, and fun patterns offered in her jewelry collection and knitted products for many years to come.