Meet Matthew and Brandy Stargell


Husband and wife team, Matthew and Brandy Stargell, extended their love to beekeeping at their home in Varina, Virginia. What once started in 2012 as a hobby and passion for the couple grew into a vibrant business in 2014. After their namesake, Stargell's Apiaries specializes in packaged bees, pollination services, nucleus colonies, queens, and honey. 

Beekeeping is not for the faint at heart. One must be dedicated to keeping the bees busy and healthy throughout the year. Matthew and Brandy have been known to migrate up and down the east coast pollinating crops such as berries, apples, and vines. From their dedication and the bees hard work, we’re able to enjoy nature’s sweet reward – Honey!

Flora & Finch has chosen Stargell’s Apiaries as the supplier of their “Wildflower Honey”. Our polyfloral honey was produced by bees traveling up to 5 miles away sourcing the nectar from local flowers. The whimsical travel of the bees allows for an “all around” perfect honey.

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