Meet Sallie Plumley


Traditions matter to Eastern North Carolina native Sallie Plumley. As a little girl, she spent countless hours in her granddaddy’s woodshop and wood carving club. Sallie’s admiration and love for her grandfather’s craftmanship turned into her passion for custom woodworking. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, she honed her basic skills learned in her grandfather’s small backyard shop by concentrating in woodworking and furniture design. One would say Sallie was born to be a master woodworker, but she would argue to say she was born to use woodworking as a platform to collaborate and create pieces that facilitates fellowship around a table.

Today, Sallie spends her time designing and crafting in a shared woodshop in Richmond, Virginia. It’s in that shop with other talented friends she is able to create masterpieces that can be found in homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces crossing state lines. Sallie is a magician with her Swiss made chisels. With her tools in hand, she is inspired by the potential of each salvaged piece of wood found in her shed. She imagines the joy, kinship, and fellowship that will take place around one of her well-designed and artfully constructed items. 

When not in her shop, you can find Sallie somewhere with fresh air and lots of space to play with her husband and dog. She also enjoys being outside in the depths of her veggie garden and hosting outdoor parties on their home deck. Finding joy for Sallie is as simple as pursuing excellence through her passion and sharing laughter with family and friends. At the end of the day, seeing people happy is her most treasured prize.

Sallie Plumley_Headshot_Woodwork.jpg