Meet Tasha McKelvey

Richmond, Virginia

Running in the woods of Mathews County, Virginia as a little girl entertained and stimulated the imaginative mind of Tasha McKelvey. Her life along Virginia’s middle peninsula was full of inspiration for her flora and fauna line of functional, decorative ceramics. "It’s funny with the birds," McKelvey said. "My parents are birdwatchers and avid gardeners. These are not my hobbies; they’re my parents’ hobbies, but that is what my work is about." It was clear to her at a young age while navigating the classroom as a dyslexic student she would become an artist. At her Richmond, Virginia studio, Tasha has risen above her dyslexia to become “The Handmade Clay Goddess” and master of handmade pottery and jewelry. Her potter’s wheel is her weapon of choice. 

Tasha doesn’t believe in giving up. Despite her difficulties focusing in a classroom setting as a child, she has always been surrounded by family and friends that encouraged her to focus on her strengths. “My difficulty in school was great training for being a professional artist,” Tasha explained. “Being an artist is a labor of love that can be filled with challenges, yet the good definitely outweighs the bad. You just can’t give up.” Her perseverance and determination allowed her to earn a Bachelors of Art in Studio Art from Mary Washington College and complete the Teacher Licensure Program at the University of Richmond. Tasha has also been featured in The Washington Post, R-Home Magazine, and Country Living Magazine to name a few. 

McKelvey’s impressive accolades are extensive, yet she remains humble and attentive to what matters; family, friends, and home. Tasha loves traveling, hiking and hiking while traveling with her husband Jeremy. Their most memorable trip was to Germany to visit the Christmas Market in the winter and hiking there in the warmer months. When not traveling, Tasha enjoys entertaining family and friends at their home located in the Southside of the City of Richmond and being mom to two beagles. She also continues to be inspired by tons of other artists. “I love the community of artists and makers on Instagram,” said McKelvey. “Solo artists now have more of a sense of togetherness with their peers through social media.”