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Meet Tasha McKelvey


Running in the woods of Mathews County, Virginia as a little girl entertained and stimulated the imaginative mind of Tasha McKelvey. Her life along Virginia’s middle peninsula was full of inspiration for her flora and fauna line of functional, decorative ceramics. "It’s funny with the birds," McKelvey said. "My parents are birdwatchers and avid gardeners. These are not my hobbies; they’re my parents’ hobbies, but that is what my work is about." It was clear to her at a young age while navigating the classroom as a dyslexic student she would become an artist.At her Richmond, Virginia studio, Tasha has risen above her dyslexia to become “The Handmade Clay Goddess” and master of handmade pottery and jewelry. Her potter’s wheel is her weapon of choice. 

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