Geometric Leather Cord Necklace by Claire Berry

Geometric Leather Cord Necklace by Claire Berry


Make a statement with this modern hand crafted necklace. The 42" leather cord necklace has geometric wooden beads in a variety of sizes and shapes.  The leather cord is hand knotted on top of left and right top beads. Adjustable tie in back.

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Necklace | Leather

Charms | Hand Painted Wood

Available in 3 Colors: Purple, Gold, Blush


Necklace Length | 42”


***Each bead is half painted, leaving the other half with exposed wood. You may see brush strokes as each bead is painted by hand. We like to call these beauty marks! All paint is sealed with a polyurethane satin varnish. Natural wood exposed does not have varnish seal. Wood grain pattern may vary. Not intended to be used as a teething necklace****

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